how to: get laid a lot

Eating pad thai with Finnish girl, Brazillian girl and French girl who is behind the camera

Eating pad thai with Finnish girl, Brazillian girl and French girl who is behind the camera


Before you read, please note: this is a how to guide on how to get laid a lot, by no means am I saying it's the lifestyle you should try and replicate. Some people don't find sex all that important, some people just want a girlfriend, some people just want that one person regardless of the amount of sex. I'm not saying that having multiple FWBs is better than having a girlfriend. I'm not saying that every dude should try and become some 'player' dude and sleep around a lot, I'm merely saying that if you just so happen to want to get laid a lot, this is the best way I know. 

The mainstream idea on how to get laid a lot and consistently is to get a girlfriend and become monogamous, or be hitting the bars and clubs every night trying to pull as many girls as you can and be a sick 'player' type dude. Personally I think you can get laid more often, much easier and much more emotionally fulfilling by just having a couple of good, friends who you sleep with.

Yes there's Camila and Camille both from Brazil :D 

Yes there's Camila and Camille both from Brazil :D 

This is what my WhatsApp looks like right now when writing this. And I message every girl through WhatsApp. It's some weird compartmentalising thing I got going on, I use texting for my work and parents, I use messenger for any friends and acquaintances, and I use WhatsApp for girls. Just girls. WhatsApp is nice to message on because it includes a picture of yourself so it seems more personal, unlike text messaging where you are just a faceless number that can easily be lost. Also I think WhatsApp is kind of childish so I think it's funny to use with girls. But the point is having multiple fwb is do-able and it works! (and WhatsApp is the shit.)

Getting a girlfriend seems like a nice idea but I have three problems with it if you're looking to get laid a lot and consistently:

1. The sex with her will decline. An old fable but you know it's true. Once the honeymoon phase is over, the sex will inevitably decline and you'll be left hanging dryer than you probably would like. By just having two fwb and I think you'll be doing better already than most dudes in relationships. Not to mention the freedom you'll have.

2. You will not get better with girls. Being with one girl doesn't help you get better with girls. Having the ability to go from knowing no girls, to be sleeping with one or two in matter of a week or two, and knowing no matter what happened with who ever you were seeing, you'd be able to find more girls and be able to make somethings happen. That. That alone will make you a confident dude. 

3. It will end. Just think about all of your friends and the relationships they've had. Pretty obvious, if you're in a relationship, within 3 years it's probably going to end. And what are you going to do once it ends and you haven't become any better with women? I don't have anything against monogamy, but most dudes enter relationships for the wrong reason, and without being very good with girls. I for one can say being able to sleep around without a problem will make you much less inclined to want a girlfriend. However it does make you want a girlfriend for the right reasons. I'm never going to get into a relationship because of anything to do with sex, because that's something I already have. If I'm going to get into a relationship it's going to be because I really like the girl for what's inside. 

Now as for going out partying and having a bunch of one night stands and such, I honestly just think it's a waste of effort. Go out to spend time with your mates and have a laugh, not to pick up chicks. It's unreliable as fuck, it costs a lot, and you sleep with a girl once. One time only. Geez, I have one fwb who I've been seeing for over a year now seeing each other nearly every week. Save yourself the effort and the late nights unless you enjoy wasting your time and money.

So starting from scratch here's how I would go about getting laid a bunch, the easiest and most emotionally fulfilling way I think there is:

Step 1. Learn about women and how they actually are. The Basics section of this website is a good place to start. Get some understanding about what they find attractive and just learn what you need to do to improve. Learn that what you're taught growing up, and the mainstream idea about how to 'pick up a girl' is mostly inaccurate and bullshit. Understand that girls are willing to be friends with benefits granted you act accordingly and not overly romantic. 

Step 2. Go out and actually start going on dates. Use Tinder, ask girls you already know out, stop girls on the street and ask them for coffee, doesn't matter how you find them. Just start going on dates and have a blast getting to know new people. Become used to it, become unfazed by meeting and talking to new girls. You'll get rejected for sure, but also, you'll succeed for sure too. While dating and failing or succeeding, analyse what went wrong or right with your new found knowledge. Every single time I get rejected, I either know for certain or at least have some clue as to what I did that fucked it all up. Think about what happened and fix wherever you're going wrong. For example I used to talk way too much, try to be overly funny and joking which just doesn't work. Girls don't want to fuck jesters. So I toned it down and voila! Go on dates, figure out where you're faulting and fix it. Even if you succeed, you can always find things you could improve. You want to get to a stage where you can go on a date with a new girl and be able to reliably sleep with her on the first or second date. I've never been on a third date ever, and I want to keep it that way. I'm either A. sleeping with her already, or B. have already been rejected by her. If you go two or more dates without making a move then you're wasting your time, make a move, she will already have made up her mind as to whether she's interested in you or not. 

Step 3.  Find at least two good friends with benefits. Not just friends with benefits, but girls you actually really get along with and can share a good laugh and a coffee as well as fucking each others brains out. To do this you want to: Tell girls that you sleep with where they stand. As with my never lying thing, just tell a girl what you want from her (in the nicest way possible), and you're life will be so much easier and stress free. If you just want a booty call, just say you want a booty call. If you like her enough to actually want to be friends with benefits tell her you're not looking for a relationship but you enjoy spending time with her and would like to keep it casual. If you want her to be your girlfriend then whatever, go for it. You will of course get some girls who won't be cool with it at all, but I think you'll be surprised how many girls are really quite okay with it and are happy to just casually sleep with you. Just be honest, it makes you stand out 100% from other dudes as well. A confident guy has nothing to hide. Date until you find at least two good friends with benefits. It's the best thing in the world that I swear 90% of dudes never experience: coming home from work or uni and spending time with someone you're actually good friends with, go for a swim at the beach or something then having sex with no picking up to do. 

Step 4. Enjoy getting laid a lot but keep dating and be much more picky. Now that hopefully you have at least two, good friends with benefits, you don't have to really date much at all but keep your eyes out for more. If you are getting laid consistently at least once a week now, you'll find dating in general such a breeze, you'll probably have a new found confidence and it will translate through your body language and behaviour, and other girls will pick up on it. If you go on a date and you already have two girls you're already seeing, it for one will boost your confidence at tonne, and it will suck all the neediness out of your system. You won't care about being rejected cause you're getting laid on Wednesday or whatever day anyways. You'll go in with the mentality of the buyer, rather than the seller and your behaviour will reflect this. Unlike what many girls say, girls like guys who get lots of girls. As much as girls complain about them, girls like 'fuck boys,' I mean girls are fucking these guys aren't they? You can't be a fuck boy if you're not getting laid. Not saying you should become a fuck boy, but being a nice dude, but one who is clearly getting other girls, is attractive. Now that you're already set, you can be picky of any more girls you date. Only date the ones you truly 100% dig and get along with, and that's it. You've got multiple good friends with benefits, and you're probably getting laid more than you even want! Congrats!

- Dan