girls are not innocent

Finnish girl at an amusement park in Helsinki

Finnish girl at an amusement park in Helsinki


I think it's a common mindset to have that girls are above sex and aren't overly interested in it. That sex is something you have to kind of persuade a girl to do because she doesn't really want to do it but will do it if you're nice enough. But that's not the case. Girls are not innocent in the slightest. Not that cute girl in the flower dress with the braided hair, not that girl reading a book in the library not really any girl ever.

Every girl is interested in sex, every girl gets horny, every girl will see a hot guy come into their work and daydream about him doing stuff to her. They think the same dirty shit as you do because they're human too. We're all interested in sex.

However, there are differences. Girl are much more covert about it all, unless they're comfortable around you you'll rarely hear them talk about it. I had a girl recently tell me she leans on the juicer at work because the vibrations feel nice which I think is hilarious. But the point is girl's generally don't like feeling like a slut or slutty at all so they're much more undercover about it all. No wonder many guys think girls are so innocent. But when they open up to you, you realise all the kinky shit they think about. Now, I wonder why 50 Shades of Grey was such a big hit. 

Ever been through a girls group chat? You'll discover all kinds of stuff, and descriptions with such detail that it would make your eyes widen.  Another thing you'll realise, is that if you send any pictures of yourself to her, her entire friend group will have seen it by the end of the day. On the upside this also makes meeting her friends kind of funny cause you'll be making 'first time meeting someone small talk' while in the back of my head I'm just thinking, you don't even know my last name, but you've seen my dick. 

To summarise: As you know none of this is saying that girls all want to have sex with you, I'm sure many would, but also many would not. That's just statistics. But as far as wanting to bang someone, girls are definitely just as interested and non-innocent as you are. So get rid of the thought that she's a pure innocent angel with clean thoughts and start interacting with girls like they're humans who are also interested in sex. 

- Dan