bite sized thoughts

Waiting for a bus with Lithuanian girl.

Waiting for a bus with Lithuanian girl.


1. Hot girls don't get approached anywhere near as much as you might think, most guys go for what they think they can get, not what they actually want. A 7 will receive way more attention than a 9 or 10

2. The Swedish curse is real and I will probably die before I ever sleep with a Swede. I have a Finnish girlfriend though, which is close enough. 

3. You can learn a lot from girls complaining about fuckboys on social media, you can't be a fuckboy if you're not getting laid. 

 4. Girls usually date up. If you're a young dude like me that's good news, things will only get easier as as we get older and our age range increases substantially.

5. Many guys who seem dominant with other guys [looking at you buff dudes] are absolute babies when it comes to girls, don't let appearances fool you.  

6. Don't worry about your dick size suffice she can feel it. Most girls can't cum from sex anyways, learn to be good with your hands and mouth and no girl will ever complain.

7. Girls are attracted to a guys ability to attract other girls, by no means flaunt it but if it comes up in conversation don't hide it either.  

8. Additionally a guy who is open with his sexuality is also attractive:

"Dan, do you think my best friend is hot!?"

"Yes, yes I do." 

9. Bums are better than boobs and if you think differently, then you're retarded. (No not serious, I'm just a passionate ass guy)

10. Whenever faced with rejection merely respond with: "All good (Smiley Face)." More often than not she will pick the conversation up again for you.

11. If you can pee in the shower with her and hear no complaints, she's comfortable with you.  

12. Older guys will always give you unsolicited girl advice, just nod and agree. 

13. Foursomes have a much better dynamic than threesomes. A foursome is two on two, where as a threesome can be a logistical problem. (Nothing against threesome though, they're great)

14. If it's too good to be true it probably is. Avoid wasting your time or getting played, it's not worth it.

15. Don't listen to what girls say they want, instead watch what they actually go for. (Talking about girls as a collective here) 

16. The scary part of starting out is realising how bad you are. The comforting part is realising most guys are exactly the same. 

17. At some point in the journey you'll realise how animalistic we all are. You'll see super done up girls walk by and wonder how much time they put in just to attract male attention. Soon you'll realise you're staring at her ass. 

18. Guys want to know how to get laid, girls want to know how to get him to call back. 

19. At the start, you'll bang any attractive girl who comes your way. In the end, you'll bang any attractive girl who's sane.  

20. STD's are overrated, pregnancies are underrated. A johnny a day keeps the babies away.  

21. Girls make decisions based on how they feel, using logic to woo a girl will get you nowhere. 

22. You might start thinking girls are silly emotional creatures who are controlled by how they feel. Stop and realise you're only trying to fuck her because you feel horny.  

23. If you let her stay but cant fuck her, she doesn't like you enough. If you fuck her but don't let her stay, you don't like her enough.  

24. If she lets you go without a condom then definitely put one on. You're not special, she's let other dudes do the same.

25. You'll realise rejection isn't about you, it's about who you are that day

26. Be happy in life without girls, they're just the bonus. A man who relies on girls for happiness is an intermittently unhappy one.  

27. Eventually a girl will act like a needy horny dude to you, and you'll realise why it's such an unattractive way to behave.  

28. Treat it like a game, but understand, its a game with real life consequences. 

29. Effectually you'll end up overseas because of a girl and all you'll be able to think is: How the fuck did I get here?  :D

30.  Head is overrated, missionary is underrated. You'll try every crazy position only to realise the basics is where it's at. This is a metaphor for life. 

- Dan