ten questions with three girls


Agniete, my piano student


1. Biggest mistake you think most guys make? 

Anna: The biggest mistake for like 99% of guys, is overthinking the fact that a girl is a girl. Thinking there’s something mystical and unexplainable about being female is the core reason for guys being pushovers and treating girls as princesses, but it’s also why guys don’t take girls seriously or even try to understand them. ASOIAF (Game of Thrones) author George R. R. Martin sums it up quite nicely in an interview. When someone asked how he was so good at writing female characters he replied: “You know, I’ve always considered women to be people.” Guys and girls do have their differences, but at the end of the day, we have much more similarities.

Agniete: Trying to act tough. I think that's the one. So many guys think that being tough įs attractive, but I couldn't disagree more. You don't need to pump at the gym and look like a forest of muscles, you don't need to act like you don't care about anything or if you like something that is unusual to be liked by guys it all good, just be yourself without pretending to be someone you think girls will be attracted to.

Claire: HONESTY. You cheated on your girlfriend? Tell her. Tell people how you feel and what you want even if it seems harsh or blunt. Truth beats lies every time anyway and there are ways to be honest without sounding like a blunt dickhead, you just have to learn how to say in an appropriate way. 

2. Would you sleep with a virgin? 

Anna: Yes. If he was charming and I’d be attracted to him, it wouldn’t make a difference. It would actually be kind of cool to be someone’s first.

Agniete: Yeah, why not? I mean at some point I was a virgin as well and someone slept with me right?

Claire: Hell yeah. If anything I'd feel a little special if someone was willing to loose their virginity to me and I'd feel like a sort of mentor or something, as long as they are okay with taking feedback from me and not get upset/pissed off about it.

3. Favourite body part on a guy?

Anna: The face, more specifically the eyes. But muscular arms are always a bonus.

Agniete: Wide shoulders and a strict jawline. Oh, and hands.

Claire: Shoulders, Back, Hands, Chest. 

4. How important is dick size to you? 

Anna: I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t matter at all. But it definitely doesn’t matter as much as you guys probably think. Sex is mostly in your brain, so the most important thing is to create and exciting and intense atmosphere, the next important thing is hand and mouth stuff and only after that dick size.

Agniete: Not important at all, as long as the guy knows how to please me using his hands or mouth.

Claire: Not important as long as you know what to do with it or know how to use your hands.

5. What is it about a guy that makes you want to sleep with him? 

Anna: When you get at ease with someone and have fun with them. When you don’t have to be completely in control but you don’t feel unsafe either. And when they are good kissers.

Agniete: Not rushing. If a guy gives it some time and doesn't act as if it's a race or something my desire to have sex with him grows day by day. Also being honest - if sex is all you're looking for just say it, there's no need to act all cute and shit. Girls want sex too, it doesn't always have to be hearts and flowers before doing it.

Claire: The way he acts, if he's confident but without being a dick. If he's funny without trying too hard and if he shows that he's interested and not afraid to admit that he just wants to fuck. 

6. What's more important to you: looks or personality?  

Anna: For someone you’re casual with: 50% looks, 50% personality For someone you’re in a relationship with: 30% looks, 70% personality

Agniete: Personality for sure. As funny as it may sound I've never slept with a guy that was just hot but shallow and not interesting at all. However I did sleep with a few that were below average but had a great personality.

Claire: 70% personality 30% looks in my opinion.

7. Fashion tips for guys? 

Anna: I like the Nordic style of clothing with simple well-fitting button up shirts and jeans or chinos, whereas my friend digs a more relaxed casual style. Another one loves the hipster look. It honestly doesn’t matter as long as your outfit is at least semi well thought out and there aren’t any super ugly patterns or sandals and socks.


1. Make sure it's clean

2. Don't try too hard. Simple clothes match together perfectly as well as simple colours. I love when guys wear black/white/grey outfits so even a pair of black jeans and a white t-shirt can make you look hot

3. Wear good cologne - that's one thing you wanna spend a decent amount of money for.

Claire: Try at least to have an idea of what's in at the moment, I feel like guys don't have enough interest in fashion and how you dress and carry yourself says a lot about yourself and I hate to say this but it's true; most people judge a book by its cover. If in doubt be minimalistic, can't go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans. PS: get yourself clothes that FIT you right, please.

8. Rough or vanilla?  

Anna: Both. Sometimes you want to decide what to do or be treated like a princess and other times you want to lose all control with someone you trust. But remember what someone wants in bed has nothing to do with what they want in other parts of life. Wanting rough sex doesn’t mean a girl can be treated condescendingly at other times, or wanting heaps of attention in bed doesn’t mean she wants a pushover guy.

Agniete: Both, I couldn't pick one. I reckon it depends on the mood. Sometimes I wanna give a deep throat blowjob and be spanked a lot, sometimes I'm just too tired for that and vanilla sex before falling asleep suits perfectly.

Claire: ¿Porque no los dos? Each to their own though.

9. What do you do if a hot guy comes into work? 

Anna: Try to act normal, maybe blush a bit and check my hair in the mirror when he’s not looking. Otherwise he’s just another customer, and I usually manage to stay cool.

Agniete: Mmm nothing? Haha unless he starts flirting with me, then I'll happily flirt back.

Claire: I would just smile and not say anything so hot guy, please please say something!

10. If you had a spirit animal, what would it be?  

Anna: Right now it’s a meerkat, because they always look so curious.

Agniete: A black cat, because they're aesthetically pleasing and have a resting bitch face. Like me. 

Claire: Don't see how this relates, I'd like to say a whale (because I love the ocean) but I'm probably more a dog.

- Dan