basics 1. evolutionary psychology

Us human are smart creatures, we’ve built cities, elected Donald Trump, invented smartphones, but when it comes to dating we are are pretty much still in caveman times. As with everything, the easiest way to learn and understand anything, (in this case the dynamics between girls and guys) is to go back to the fundamental principles and jump back to caveman times and look at how we evolved to become the way we are.

It’s a common saying that when it comes to dating, men are the beggars and women are the choosers. This is partly true, most men are beggars but not all. It is never explained why it is this way between the sexes well it’s actually quite simple.

Sex has huge biological risks for women.

Sex for a woman carries a very serious risk of getting pregnant, and pregnancy is hectic. Nine months of carrying a child, risk of death, need for support from a mate, using up one of her finite chances at having a kid as well as decreased fertility for a couple of years after. Naturally this makes women very picky when it comes to sex. Having a child with an average or subpar guy is pretty much a biological disaster. You may say

"What about birth control and the pill?" 

"What about modern medicine? Death by pregnancy is extremely low.

"What about all the laws that help women financially if they happen to fall pregnant?" 

Well that’s partly what I mean when I say dating is still pretty much in caveman times, our brains may know logically there’s little or no risk of getting pregnant but our caveman brains still have no clue. And why will dudes sleep with close to any girl who crosses his path? Well simple.

“Sex has next to zero biological risks for a dude.”

Sex for a dude in caveman times had pretty much zero risk for a guy. Let's say if a guy slept with a not so special gal, he’d lose a few million sperm, maybe regret sleeping with a not so attractive girl, and maybe end up with a few caveman herpes. But apart from that, he can just try again in an hour or two the next time he can pop a boner. Hopefully this time with another more attractive female mate. No harm done. This means that men will happily sleep with a much larger portion of the female population, than women will conversely with the male population.

The good old 80/20 golden ratio seems to apply to this as well. The average guy will happily sleep with about the top most attractive 80% of women, as sex has limited risks, whereas for women who are the far choosier, most will only want to sleep with about the top 20% of men. In my experience, women are just as horny as males, and this creates a big disparity between guys that get laid and guys who don’t. Pretty much the 20% most attractive dudes in the world get 80% of the girls, and the rest get some but not too much.

Another reason for dudes being so easy, is that if a girl choses a guy and that guy doesn’t want to sleep with her, that is also a disaster, so the easiest way for evolution to solve that problem is to simply make most dudes, want to fuck most girls, so if a girl is horny for a guy, he will more than likely want to bone her.

*When I talk about top guys or girl, I am talking about them on an "attractive to the opposite sex scale." It has nothing to do with anyones worth as a human being so don't get your knickers in a knot.